In the summer of 2018, natalita and I were invited to create a small piece inspired by Etoffe, a line of magical hemp linens made in New Orleans. This fabric inspires touch. It feels both sturdy and light; it is elegant in the way it falls and feels; it transports you. My spirit remembers - longs for - a time when everything was simpler, slower, gentler. When we knew the plants that spun the fibers we were draped in. When our processes of making and consumption harmonized with the earth and with each other. This work is a reminder that daily ritual connects us to ancestors, and because of this you are never alone. ⁣⁣⁣

Shot and edited by riley teahan

Original score by natalita

Featuring Ayjshane, Lauren Reyes, natalita

Warm thanks to Liana Cockfield

Filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Cleanse 4.png
Purity 3.png
Ritual 2.png
Rain 7.png
Face 3.png
Shower Curtain.png